Martin Usborne

The Silence Of Dogs: Martin Usborne

Most photography of dogs is taken for one of two reasons, either for the owner to have a portrait of their pet or for shelters to try to find them homes. It is not often that you see dogs used to explore human emotions, especially in such a beautiful way. When I look at these photographs I can feel the loneliness and fear these animals seem to be feeling, wondering if they will be left by themselves forever or will the one they love return for them. Martin Usborne used his own experiences with depression to inspire him in this series of photographs. “Seeing the lonely face of dogs is like looking inside myself and seeing the lonely face there,” Usborne says.  Having an affinity for animals, particularly dogs, since he was small; he wanted to explore the idea of their vulnerability and inability to communicate and how that relates to the fears we have as humans. Working over the course of three years, Usborne staged and shot each image borrowing friends’ dogs and using cars from a local auto club. This emotional project has recently been turned into a book, The Silence of Dogs in Cars, which will be released sometime this fall. 

Martin Usborne Martin UsborneMartin Usborne Martin Usborne Martin Usborne Martin UsborneMartin Usborne Martin Usborne
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