The Photographer's Guide To Copyright

The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright [PhotoShelter]

There seems to be a lot of confusion and even misinformation surrounding the subject of copyright, particularly for photographers and creatives. We’ve discussed it on several episodes of On Taking Pictures, but there are so many variables that it’s difficult to present a comprehensive overview. Fortunately, the folks at PhotoShelter have teamed up with the experts at ASMP to produce The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright, a FREE guide that attempts to clear up the misinformation and dispel some of the myths surrounding copyright.

Topics include:

  • Major trends in copyright today.
  • How to make copyright registration part of your workflow.
  • The risks to weigh before posting your photos to social networks.
  • What counts as “Fair Use”, plus major learnings from recent court cases.
  • Copyright for motion and video.
  • What it takes to bring an infringement case to court and ways to avoid it.

Get your free guide now at the PhotoShelter website.

The Photographer's Guide To Copyright The Photographer's Guide To Copyright
[via PhotoShelter]

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