In-depth looks at the lives and careers of iconic photographers

Perfectly Banal: William Eggleston

Despite his often mundane subject matter, he is simply not your ordinary photographer. His first one-man exhibit at the MoMA in 1976 was both heralded as being genius and was criticized as being the most hated show of the year. Some see his work as being perfect – the angles, composition, color, everything pushing the […]

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In Touch With Fragility: Richard Avedon

“All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.” – Richard Avedon Though he is known mostly for his minimalistic portraits; intense and often brooding subjects surrounded by white, it was the world of fashion that provided the backdrop that helped make Richard Avedon one of the most celebrated, controversial and sought after photographers […]

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A World of Opportunities: Chris Crisman

If you looked up the word serendipity, the definition you would see perfectly describes the way in which this Photographer Spotlight came about. After posting our Photographer Spotlight on John Keatley, we spent some time looking at the Redux Pictures website, checking out some of the other photographers they represent.  A day or two later, we […]

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Manipulator: Jill Greenberg

Social and political commentary has long been reserved for artists and musicians, rather than fine art photographers. Aside from photojournalists, perhaps, whose whose very work exists as commentary, of sorts, fine art photographers, by and large, shoot solely for art’s sake, not necessarily to make a statement on society. Photographer Jill Greenberg, however, seems to […]

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Under Fire: Tim Hetherington

The name Tim Hetherington has been heard quite often recently and, unfortunately, it is not because of his photographs or his Oscar-nominated documentary, Restrepo. Tim Hetherington was killed April 20, 2011 while covering the Libyan civil war. He and photographers Chris Hondros, Michael Christopher Brown and Guy Martin were traveling with rebel fighters when they were […]

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The Grace Of Nuance: Dan Winters

Some people might say that Dan Winters has an amazing photographic style, that you can tell at first glance if he took a particular photograph. His signature lighting style, the red and green tones he uses and the dramatic expressions he gets from his subjects are all part of how he shoots. He would say it […]

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Brilliant In Its Simplicity: John Keatley

We were first introduced to the work of photographer John Keatley by our friend Kevin Knight. We were talking about some of our favorite current photographers and Keatley was pretty much at the top of Kevin’s list. He was actually surprised I hadn’t heard of him. It was one of those “Well, duh…” moments. “I […]

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Mesmerized: Kalle Gustafsson

I spend a lot of time researching these Spotlight articles, not because I have to or it’s part of my job, but because I truly enjoy it. I love looking at other photographers’ work and I love reading their stories. I also love the historical aspect of it and finding out who paved the road […]

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The Play of Light and Dark: Gertrude Käsebier

Gertrude Käsebier is a name I am sure a lot of you are not familiar with. I know I wasn’t until just recently. I just happened upon her work a few weeks ago and was immediately fascinated. Käsebier was one of the most influential American photographers of the early 20th century. Frances Benjamin Johnston considered […]

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Jay Maisel - Hot Cabbie

It’s About The Work: Jay Maisel [Q&A]

He recently turned 80 years old and has more than 55 years of professional shooting under his belt. Jay Maisel is recognized as one of the top natural-light photographers in the world. Having lived in New York his entire life, the city is in his blood and he has used the wonderful backdrop of Manhattan to […]

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Going His Own Way: Lyndon Wade

Cinematic. Exaggerated. Over-the top. These are just a few of the ways you could to describe the work of Lyndon Wade. His sometimes outlandish photographs are like movie sets and you wonder what the next scene will be. Though his style ranges from slick corporate advertising images, to surrealistic multi-image composites, they all tell a […]

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Light As A Character: Eric Ogden

I remember very clearly the first few months I started making photographs. I remember the excitement, the joy, the fascination of seeing what was in the viewfinder. I was thrilled with every aspect of it. One of the things that stands out to me about that time, is my perspective of movies. One of the […]

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