Process Driven: Jon Wilkening

When I was a junior in high school I took my first photography class and one of the things we had to do before we got to shoot with the “real” cameras — in our case, they were Pentax K1000s loaded with Tri-X — was to build a pinhole camera from one of the round […]

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Process Driven 01: Dalton Campbell

After his business imploded, Dalton Campbell decided he needed a change. He sold everything he owned, packed a single backpack of clothes and essentials, grabbed his camera and left for Europe without any sort of agenda, other than to take photographs until the money ran out. His three-month trip took him to Portugal, Spain, Belgium […]

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Apart From Shadow: A Conversation With Tom Hoops

A unique photographic style is one of the benchmarks of a great photographer. In 2007, Tom Hoops, was working as a web designer in Thailand, unfamiliar with names like Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, or Paolo Roversi. But, after borrowing a friend’s camera one afternoon, a new creative passion emerged and, for the past six years, […]

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Created In Brooklyn: A Conversation With Randy Duchaine

One of the things I’ve discovered, or I should say rediscovered, while doing On Taking Pictures with Bill, is my fascination with sharing interesting stories. I love learning about people; not only who they are, but also the things that inspire them and the passions that drive them. For the past three years, Faded + Blurred […]

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David duChemin

Q&A@F&B No. 14: David duChemin

If you are a photographer, or you have spent any time here on Faded & Blurred, the name David duChemin will likely be very familiar to you. As a photographer, he’s allowed us to share in his journeys to exotic locales, including India, Nepal, Vietnam, Tunisia and Mongolia, among others. As a writer, his books Within The […]

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Q&A@F&B No. 13: John Keatley

As you may know from our recent Spotlight, John Keatley is one of our favorite portrait photographers. He has photographed such high profile clients as Jeff Bezos, Tim Gunn and Annie Leibovitz. Yet it is often his personal work, such as “Brown Town” (above) or his family Christmas cards that garner the most attention. Keatley’s […]

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Q&A@F&B No. 12: Ibarionex Perello

In this episode, Ibarionex Perello joins us to continue a discussion we began in an episode of The Candid Frame podcast about six weeks ago. We continue talking about some of the fear and anxiety we often experience as we try to move forward in leading a satisfying, creative life. Ibarionex shares some of his […]

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Jaime Ibarra

Q&A@F&B No. 11: Jaime Ibarra

After taking a bit of a break from the podcast to redesign F&B, we’re back with a brand new episode of Q&A@F&B. This is episode number 11, for those of you keeping track, and this time we’re sitting down with charismatic Austin-based  (by way of Spain and Australia) portrait photographer, Jaime Ibarra. Jaime has developed […]

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