Kai Ziehl

Five For Friday #79

“Inspiration is highly overrated. If you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it’s not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation.” – Chuck Close

Kai Ziehl Kai Ziehl

Architectural photographer Kai Ziehl takes the cold symmetry, lines, and angles of the urban landscape and adds in a solitary figure which becomes a part of the pattern and yet, somehow, separate from it. The high contrast photographs are all about pattern. They are almost hypnotic in their composition. [via My Modern Met]

Mark Mahaney  Mark Mahaney

Mark Mahaney tells a poignant story with this series called After 67 Years. After his grandfather’s memorial service in 2011, he asked his grandmother’s permission to take some photographs, not only of her, but also of some of his grandfather’s belongings. With very simple compositions and lighting, he was able to capture those unforgettable and painful moments following the loss of someone so loved. [via Feature Shoot]

Another moving story put together by Theo Putzu involving 4,000 images all put together in a short stop-motion film. With no dialogue, we are taken on a journey, following an elderly man as he tries to recapture the happiness he once had. [via Design Taxi]

Phil Blackburn Mcbardin

This incredible palace, found in Hauterives, southern France, was built in 1879 by a postman. Ferdinand Cheval had no training in art, architecture, engineering, or design, but on his route would collect stones, sometimes one or two, sometimes a wheelbarrow full. Working at night by oil lamp, he fashioned his palace, which he called Le Palais Ideal, with stones, cement, and wire. Part of a quote inscribed on the walls reads, “Everything you can see, passer-by, is the work of one peasant, who, out of a dream, created the queen of the world.”  [Slate’s Atlas Obscura]

Roast Sticky Chicken Roast Sticky Chicken

It doesn’t take a huge kit to make great light. In fact, you may have all you need already. Got a window? Add in a couple reflectors and some bokeh and you can make an ordinary chicken look like it came straight out of the pages of Gourmet magazine. [via Simmer & Shoot]

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