Noell Oszvald

Five For Friday #44

“F@*k self-doubt. I despise it. I hold it in contempt, along with the hell-spawned ooze-pit of Resistance from which it crawled. I will NEVER back off. I will NEVER give the work anything less than 100%. If I go down in flames, so be it. I’ll be back.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Noell Oszvald Noell Oszvald

At only 22 and having picked up a camera just a little over a year ago, Noell Oszvald’s self-portraits are stunning. The images are conceptual and a bit surreal. “I don’t want to tell people what to see in my images,” she says. “This is the reason why I never really write any descriptions other than titles. It shows what I wish to express but everyone is free to figure out what the picture says to them. It’s very interesting to read so many different thoughts about the same piece of work.” [via My Modern Met]

George Holroyd George Holroyd

Essential Tremor is not a well-known condition, but it affects thousands, including myself. George Holroyd was diagnosed several years ago and as his condition has progressed he has decided to document it with this series called “And I”  which shows “a reality distorted by frustration, embarrassment, and a growing sense of social isolation. It serves as a visualization of the impact that Essential Tremor has on me and my closest relationships as I continue to come to terms with the new realities that I am presented with.” [via aCurator]

While shooting a commercial in France,  and his D.O.P., Mathias Touzeris happened to catch the murmuration of the starlings. A beautiful dance in the sky, they immediately forgot their job and began filming. [via Vimeo]

Aude Moreau - Sugar Carpet Aude Moreau - Sugar Carpet

No, this is not an elaborately woven Persian rug. It is, in fact, made from two tons of sugar. Aptly named, Sugar Carpet, French artist Aude Moreau meticulously designed this beautiful piece at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn. It actually had to be created twice because the first one was destroyed after the gallery was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. [via TrendHunter]

Sony World Photography Awards Sony World Photography Awards

After receiving over 122,000 entries, the Sony World Photography Awards has been shortlisted and the final photographs will be on display at Somerset House in London from April 26 through May 12. You will definitely want to go to the site to see the incredible results.  [via Huffington Post]

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