Robin Wight

Five For Friday #119

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” – John Cleese

Robin Wight

Robin Wight was inspired to create these fantastical wire fairy sculptures after trying out a new camera in his garden. He saw what appeared to be a figure in the tree. Although he knew it was a trick of the light (because, as he says, what else could it be), he says it “captured my imagination and inspired me to use the idea in my sculpture.” They are just magical.  [via Twisted Sifter]

Dalton Portella

Dalton Portella’s series Perfect Storm captures the intense power of nature through dark and dramatic seascapes of Montauk, New York. “With my art, I capture essence; the essence of places I’ve been, emotions I’ve felt, and the subjects I paint and photograph. I portray the broad range of the human experience,” he says. You can almost hear the force of the waves as they crash down. [via Feature Shoot]

Does the happiest day of someone’s life always turn out to be the beginning of something wonderful? Doug Block decided to find out in his documentary 112 Weddings. Block, a documentary filmmaker, supports his career with a side business videotaping weddings. After years of watching these couples vow to spend the rest of their lives together he became curious as to how they worked out. He tracked down and interviewed nine of his favorite couples to see what happened next. [via A Cup of Jo]

Ken Heyman

When Ken Heyman was asked to empty his contents from a closing storage facility he came upon a box called “Mothers”. He discovered it was full of photographs he had taken across the world of women and their children. They were to be used for a Pulitzer-nominated book titled Family, which he co-wrote with anthropologist Margaret Mead. The images give a glimpse, not only of a time that is past, but also show how motherhood stays the same whether across miles or across years. [via HuffPo]

Rog Walker’s images look like they could have been taken in 1980s New York as opposed to today. His portraits are unposed and natural with the rugged urban backdrops he finds around the city. Recently Lonelyleap did a short, but beautiful documentary about Walker and how he works. He has a wonderful philosophy about why he does what he does, “The stories that we have; the perspective that we carry – no one else has that, and if you don’t say it, it won’t be said.” [via VSCO]

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