Blizzard - Joey L

Creating An Indoor Blizzard: Joey L

It seems like a lot of photographers are going to Iceland lately to shoot. Some say it’s the light, and from the photographs I’ve seen, they’re right. The light is gorgeous, especially if you’re shooting landscapes. But, what if you have a client that wants a blustery, snowy look without a budget for international travel? Or, it’s summer and, thanks to global warming, there’s no snow anywhere. As part of his recent stint on Creative Live, Joey L created the look of an icy blizzard in-studio and the results are actually pretty fantastic. Turns out, all you need is some big soft boxes, a wind machine or two and lots of fake snow. Okay, so that’s not all you need, but you get the idea. As you can see in the photos below, using very shallow depth of field throws the otherwise fake-looking snow out of focus, which not only creates depth within the shot, but also really helps to sell the overall effect. Plus, you don’t have to risk your models freezing to death in the cold. The short BTS video gives you a glimpse at how the whole thing came together. Be sure to head over to Joey’s site for the full post, which includes more photos, a lighting diagram as well as the EXIF data for the shoot.

Blizzard - Joey L Blizzard - Joey L Blizzard - Joey L

[via Joey L]

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