Zombie Garden: Ray Villafane

In honor of Halloween, and being that we are fans of most things zombie, we had to share the most recent, marvelous creations by Ray Villafane. His work has been seen here before, but this year he has gone over the top with his Zombie Garden, carving a 6-foot tall, standing zombie, dragging a bundle of vines, pulling other pumpkin zombies along behind him. He and his team worked for three long days to come up with this unbelievably detailed garden. There are guts, rotting flesh, missing teeth and oozing eyes, all becoming more and more grotesque as time and weather rots them. Although Villafane has become known for his pumpkin carving skills, he makes his living sculpting toys for companies such as Warner Bros, Marvel and Hasbro. He found his fame when he entered the Food Network’s Challenge Show in 2007 and the publicity hasn’t stopped since. He has even been asked to carve pumpkins at the White House. This display was created for the New York Botanical Garden and is closing today, while the pumpkins will be ground up for compost. Kind of a fitting end for zombies. 

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