Witness: Photography in Combat

There is nothing romantic or glamorous about being a combat photographer, despite the way they are often depicted in films. Leading a life made up of running into the most dangerous situations, as opposed to running away or trying to avoiding them completely, is a life made for only the most brave among us. HBO’s “Witness”, filmed over the course of two years, is a four-part documentary which takes us behind the scenes of what this life is really like. Following four different photographers into four different battle-scarred areas of the world; Juarez, Rio, South Sudan, and LIbya; it shows the harsh reality of what these photographers go through to get the shot that tells the story and the ethical dilemmas they face everyday. “The thing that you can feel good about is that these photographers are committing their lives to try and make it difficult for people to behave badly like this, for these conflicts to go on unchecked,” David Frankham, one of the directors says. “When I was on the ground with them, that was one of the only things I would walk away with after a month: Alright, maybe someone will see this. Maybe this will get to be too big of a deal for people to act in this way. But that maybe’s enough to sustain me, and it sustains a lot of photographers and journalists that I find very brave and really respect.” The first episode aired on November 5th, but you can catch the next one tonight at 9pm on HBO.

Witness Witness Witness Witness
[via A Photo Editor]

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