Tom Lowe Releases Timescapes

For more than two years, Astronomy Photographer of the Year, Tom Lowe, has been driving all over the American South West filming what is arguably the most epic time-lapse film ever made. Timescapes features both slow motion and time-lapse footage of areas like Joshua Tree, Yosemite and the Very Large Array in New Mexico. Timescapes is also the first film to be distributed in 4K resolution. We sat down with our copy of the DVD earlier this week and were absolutely blown away. After watching it at home, I would love the opportunity to see this film in a theater or, better yet, on an IMAX screen. The visuals, as well as the music create fantastic portrait of the drama of nature and the wonder of the night sky. If you are a fan of time-lapse, or have ever just stood out in your back yard, gazing up at the stars, you will definitely want to pick up a copy.


Tom Lowe - Blazing Bristlecone
Blazing Bristlecone – The photo that landed Tom Lowe ‘Astronomy Photographer of the Year’