The Ghost Swift: Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell is having a very good year. This time last year, relatively few people knew of her or her incredible photography. But, over the last several months, her work has exploded and has been seen everywhere from the BBC News, the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post to a number of books, magazines and countless blogs, including here on Faded + Blurred. Her work has inspired fashion designers like Karen Millen and was featured in an enormous installation on London’s Regent Street for the Queen’s Jubilee. Earlier this month, Mitchell opened a solo show of photographs and props from her Wonderland series at the SW1 gallery. Why all of the attention? A few reasons. Yes, the photographs are stunning, but more than that is what they evoke in the viewers and what Mitchell herself puts into creating them. In addition to shooting the photos themselves, Mitchell also designs and fabricates the elaborate costumes and props help to create the Wonderland mythology. She stitches, cuts, glues and binds humble elements into extraordinary objects that transcend the humble materials from which they are crafted. In this video, we go behind the scenes with Kirsty Mitchell on the making of a piece called ‘The Ghost Swift’. The attention to detail in her photographs is astounding, as is the degree she has gone to creating the back stories for each of her works. “For these scenes I wanted to create an image based on the trickery of tales, and so my choice to use paper was a direct link to the true story of the Cottingley Fairies which my mother told me about when I was young,” she says. “My intention with the pictures was to create an encounter….. for us the viewer to happen upon ‘The Ghost Swift’, silent and asleep after years of being left undisturbed in the forest alone. I wanted her close up portrait to be hypnotic…. a swirling blur of dark beauty and anticipation…. her awakening, and our apprehension.”

We challenge you not to become absolutely lost in her wonderful work. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Kirsty Mitchell - The Ghost Swift Kirsty Mitchell - The Ghost Swift Kirsty Mitchell - The Ghost Swift Kirsty Mitchell - The Ghost Swift Kirsty Mitchell - The Ghost Swift Kirsty Mitchell - The Ghost Swift
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