Hurricane Sandy

The Calm Before The Storm

There has been a video making the rounds on the web recently called “(Empty America) New York City”, showing how eerie the city looks without the usual throngs of people and traffic. Although Thrashlab used time lapse and special post-processing to create their video, over the last couple of days, with the East coast experiencing Hurricane Sandy, the streets of New York have looked strangely similar. Coney Island is under water and the closure of Wall Street and the evacuations left both New York and New Jersey looking desolate and abandoned. We have been bombarded with footage of the actual hurricane and the aftermath of the damage it has done, but these images from NPR show something entirely different. They speak to the calm that comes before the storm; the anxiousness and worry that exists before we know what is going to happen. How long will it last? We know we can we get through it, but what will life be like tomorrow? 

Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy
[via NPR Picture Show]

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