Type (Mis)Treatment: Hoefler & Frere-Jones

I love fonts almost as much as I love words. In fact, fonts are some of my favorite objects – whether digital or analog. While they may not give language meaning, they certainly give it style and flair. One might even say they are the impeccably tailored formal wear on an otherwise drab character, if […]

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Alphastructaesthetitologist: Jon Contino

While many would call him a typographer, an illustrator or, simply, an artist, Jon Contino calls himself a Alphastructaesthetitologist. Don’t bother looking it up on Wikipedia, you won’t find anything. That being said, the title seems to fit Contino perfectly. His work is a mishmash of analog and digital styles and techniques that blurs the lines between illustration, […]

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Dana Tanamachi

Chalk It Up To Awesome: Dana Tanamachi

I have sort of a mild obsession with typography. I tend to collect fonts like others might collect comic books or baseball cards. Granted, I only tend to use a handful of the hundreds of fonts I own, but there is something comforting about knowing that they are there, just waiting patiently to be used […]

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