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“From the whole of what I examine I look for the interesting, the minutia that made me stop in the first place, and from that I create a new abstract piece of art.” A Pandora’s box of possibilities appears when you begin to consider the question “what is art?”, and if you’ve spent any time […]

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Fraction // A New Series

My photographic work always starts by wandering around, roaming the streets without a destination in mind. By using reflections and transparency, I capture multiple layers in a single exposure to construct an abstract and textured representation of reality. Although I started out with a street photography approach, I have noticed that people are becoming less […]

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Miss Scarlet and Miss Brown

One of the things I’ve really loved about visiting Washington DC is the ability to walk so many places—something that I seldom get the chance to do in the sprawling suburbs ouside of Los Angeles. I’ve been to DC three times and each trip seems to build on the previous one in terms of the scope of […]

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Five For Friday #125

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.” – Paulo Coelho Having made Palm Springs her second home for the last eight years, Nancy Baron found inspiration in a place that she is “easy to dismiss […]

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The Golden Land: Chris Leskovsek

“After 24 hours, I arrive in Yangon. The smells, the dust, and the extreme hot and humid conditions are some of the things that I won’t forget very easily.” – Chris Leskovsek One of the things I love about doing On Taking Pictures is all of the terrific email we get from listeners. Some offer comments […]

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The Signs of Life: Daniel Zakharov

Late last year, we featured the work of Daniel Zakharov in an installment of Five For Friday for his series Modern Wilderness. Recently, Daniel completed a new series of 200 photographs called The Signs of Life, in which he explores everyday objects (and some not so everyday) in the windows of houses around his neighborhood. “It all […]

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