It’s Not About The F-Stop [Review]

I was a fan of Jay Maisel long before I ever knew who he was or what he did for a living. I was in high school and was over at a friend’s house listening to records. My friend had amazing taste in music and introduced me to progressive rock bands like Yes, King Crimson, The […]

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A Life In Pictures: Douglas Kirkland [Review]

“I always considered, with every shoot, I was on trial; every time I pick up my camera and start out on the relationship, I am at degree zero. There is no coasting.” -Douglas Kirkland Over the next 60 seconds, more than 30,000 photos will be uploaded to Instagram – that’s roughly 500 images every second […]

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The Seventh Dog: Danny Lyon [Review]

My first introduction to the work of Danny Lyon was with a portfolio filled with images of outlaw bikers, prison inmates and illegal aliens, so when I sat down to read The Seventh Dog, his new book for Phaidon, I really had no idea what to expect. More than just another monograph or retrospective photobook, what I found was […]

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Girls in the Windows: And Other Stories [Review]

On last week’s episode of On Taking Pictures, Bill suggested Ormond Gigli as our Photographer of the Week, whom I had never heard of – which is not surprising and is actually one of things I love about doing the show – but, when I saw Gigli’s work, I had one of those “how have […]

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Mattebox 2 - Featured

One For The Money: Mattebox 2 [Review]

There are literally hundreds of camera apps available for the iPhone. While some are very good, most of them are just okay, offering little more than variations on one another. While I’ve not tried hundreds, I actually own about a dozen different apps, and again, most of them are just okay. Beyond the default iOS […]

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Capture One Express 7

Capture One Express 7 [Review]

I’ve been a Lightroom user off and on since version one came out in 2007, though I’m far from what you would call a Power User (I’ve been getting better at establishing a workflow, with the help of Gavin Gough’s fantastic eBook, The Photographer’s Workflow). The Lightroom interface and toolset clicked with me straight away, […]

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Fuji X-Pro1 - 35mm f/1.4

And So It Begins: Two Weeks With The X-Pro1

“The mechanism: stamped black tin, leatherette over cardboard, bits of boxwood, a lens. The shutter falls. Forever dividing that from this.” – William Gibson As you know if you listen to On Taking Pictures (and if you don’t, now is a perfect time to start), I had been looking for a new camera since I sold my […]

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