Film Styles For Capture One [Review]

With the announcement that Apple is killing off Aperture, it looks like Adobe Lightroom is poised to be the de facto app for processing RAW files. After all, it plays (somewhat) nicely with Photoshop, has a bunch of great non-destructive tools and terrific presets like VSCO and Replichrome let you style your photos with a single […]

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Traveler Breakdown: Willard Chivers

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I think it bears repeating – there is some fantastic photography (and discussion) being shared on the On Taking Pictures Google+ Community. Case in point is this wonderful image by photographer and On Taking Pictures listener Willard Chivers. I love this image and when Willard posted it, I asked […]

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A Process of Disintegration: Fabian Oefner

When I first saw these images by Fabian Oefner, I thought they were illustrations. After all, could someone really have the patience to create actual exploded views of model cars? Turns out, the answer is yes and the results are spectacular. “Disintegrating is about inventing time,” Oefner says, of his process that begins by making a detailed […]

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Drifting Away: Erik Johansson [BTS]

I’ve been a fan of the fantastic composite work of Erik Johansson for years. His concepts are consistently interesting and his technical skills are absolutely superb. In this wonderful behind the scenes video, we get to see the making of Drifting Away, a 100-plus layer composite image that features a sunlit farm floating inside a bottle on […]

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