More Than Just A Pretty Interface: Blux Camera

One of the reviews of Blux Camera called it “The app Rick Deckard would use.” While the unorthodox UI may be reminiscent of Deckard’s iconic Voight-Kampff machine, or perhaps even bear a passing resemblance to the precog interface used in Minority Report, Blux Camera has a number of useful features beyond the UI that might just […]

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Martine Franck

Martine Franck: 1938-2012

Last week in Paris, renowned photographer Martine Franck passed away at the 74. Franck was mainly a reportage photographer and a member of  Magnum Photo. She was also the second wife of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Born in Belgium in 1938, Franck studied art history at the University of Madrid, as well as at the Ecole du […]

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Richard Avedon: Darkness And Light

Widely regarded as one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, Richard Avedon not only redefined modern photography, but also what (or who) a modern photographer was. He arguably created fashion photography and was the first photographer to gain success with both his commercial work as well as his personal work. In fact, most […]

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Perfectly Banal: William Eggleston

Despite his often mundane subject matter, he is simply not your ordinary photographer. His first one-man exhibit at the MoMA in 1976 was both heralded as being genius and was criticized as being the most hated show of the year. Some see his work as being perfect – the angles, composition, color, everything pushing the […]

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A World of Opportunities: Chris Crisman

If you looked up the word serendipity, the definition you would see perfectly describes the way in which this Photographer Spotlight came about. After posting our Photographer Spotlight on John Keatley, we spent some time looking at the Redux Pictures website, checking out some of the other photographers they represent.  A day or two later, we […]

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David duChemin

Q&A@F&B No. 14: David duChemin

If you are a photographer, or you have spent any time here on Faded & Blurred, the name David duChemin will likely be very familiar to you. As a photographer, he’s allowed us to share in his journeys to exotic locales, including India, Nepal, Vietnam, Tunisia and Mongolia, among others. As a writer, his books Within The […]

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Manipulator: Jill Greenberg

Social and political commentary has long been reserved for artists and musicians, rather than fine art photographers. Aside from photojournalists, perhaps, whose whose very work exists as commentary, of sorts, fine art photographers, by and large, shoot solely for art’s sake, not necessarily to make a statement on society. Photographer Jill Greenberg, however, seems to […]

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Work:Life – Randy Kepple

For the third installment of Work:Life, we’d like to introduce you to Vancouver based photographer, Randy Kepple. Randy has been a working photographer for more than 20 years and has built a fantastic portfolio of weddings, portraits, fine art, as well as stock photography. He shares his thoughts on the importance of developing a unique […]

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The Grace Of Nuance: Dan Winters

Some people might say that Dan Winters has an amazing photographic style, that you can tell at first glance if he took a particular photograph. His signature lighting style, the red and green tones he uses and the dramatic expressions he gets from his subjects are all part of how he shoots. He would say it […]

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