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The Signs of Life: Daniel Zakharov

Late last year, we featured the work of Daniel Zakharov in an installment of Five For Friday for his series Modern Wilderness. Recently, Daniel completed a new series of 200 photographs called The Signs of Life, in which he explores everyday objects (and some not so everyday) in the windows of houses around his neighborhood. “It all […]

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Touching Stories Of Teddy Bears

I was never what you would call short on toys growing up. My parents – especially my mom – rarely missed an opportunity to keep me well-stocked with Hot Wheels, Lego, slot cars and, in 1977, Star Wars toys. I had several favorite toys over the years, but only one of this myriad of playthings […]

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“Another Day In Paradise” And Other Work By Mike Mellia

Stories around fathers and sons are something I am more or less intrinsically drawn to. From about high school on, my relationship with my own father was tumultuous at best – it seems that we never saw eye to eye about anything. There was even a period of about two years where we didn’t say […]

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A Simpler Life In The Scrublands: Antoine Bruy [Q&A]

When I first saw the compelling photographs in Scrublands by Antoine Bruy, I was reminded of some of the early work of Walker Evans documenting the conditions of migrant families for the FSA or even the work that Shelby Lee Adams did with poor families in the Appalachians. However, where Evans and Adams were photographing […]

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A City Of Characters: One in 8 Million

“New York is a city of characters. The Green Thumb whose community garden in a Brooklyn housing project shows children that eggs don’t come from eggplant. The Dictaphone Doctor, last of a dying breed. The Jury Clerk, who says ‘Good morning’ 200 times a day, and means it. The Teenage Mother. The Tabloid Photographer. The […]

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Damir Sagolj

In The Wake of Fukushima

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan, triggering tsunami waves that reached an estimated 41 feet in height and travelled more than 6 miles inland in the Iwate Prefecture and the Sendai area of the country. The earthquake was so powerful that it actually moved the island of Japan approximately 8 feet to the east. […]

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Athletes Among Us - Jordan Matter

Athletes Among Us: Jordan Matter

Last year, photographer Jordan Matter produced a wonderful series of images, called Dancers Among Us. The series was wildly popular and yielded a best-selling book that was praised by everyone from The Washington Post to Diane Sawyer. Matter is back with a brand new project which draws, at least in part, in his own experiences growing up. […]

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Eugene Richards

The Ripening: Artists In Their 80s

There’s a fantastic article up on LightBox right now that begins: “Time is rough on a lot of life pursuits. Athletes dwindle. Dancers pull tendons. Politicians? It varies. But artists, if they work it right, they ripen.” The photo essay, which was commissioned by TIME, allowed photographer Eugene Richards to spend seven months photographing a number […]

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Meals Interrupted - Al Dente

Meals Interrupted: Davide Luciano & Claudia Ficca

We have been getting some absolutely fantastic submissions lately, and this project from husband and wife duo Davide Luciano & Claudia Ficca is just too fun not to share. Called Meals Interrupted, the project features a collection of dining tables that have been all but destroyed by a series of unfortunate events, including a fire, a food […]

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