Film Styles For Capture One [Review]

With the announcement that Apple is killing off Aperture, it looks like Adobe Lightroom is poised to be the de facto app for processing RAW files. After all, it plays (somewhat) nicely with Photoshop, has a bunch of great non-destructive tools and terrific presets like VSCO and Replichrome let you style your photos with a single […]

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Mastering Lightroom With Andrew Gibson

If you’re a relative newcomer to photography or have recently decided you’d like to give those straight out of camera photographs a little more pop, firing up that shiny new copy of Lightroom for the first time may seem a bit overwhelming. Or, you may be wondering how Lightroom differs from Photoshop and why you […]

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Lightroom 5 Unmasked: Piet Van den Eynde

Lightroom or Photoshop? This is a question that comes up a ton and there really is no right answer. It depends entirely on what type of photography you do. For me personally, I find that I use Photoshop less and less for post-processing my photographs. With the latest iteration (5.2 at the time of this […]

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A More Detailed Look At Replichrome

Last week, we gave you a first look at Replichrome: Film for Lightroom (Use the coupon code ‘FANDB’ to save 15%). We told you that Totally Rad has another hit on their hands and now that we’ve had a week to dig around under the hood, we want to share a more detailed look at just […]

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Replichrome by Totally Rad

First Look: Replichrome by Totally Rad

If you’ve been to Faded + Blurred before, and I’m hoping that you have, then you know what big fans we are of Totally Rad. Their RadLab plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom is one of, if not our favorite, plugins for toning and styling our photographs. Their Pro Retouch 2 actions for retouching are equally […]

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Lightroom 5 Up To Speed

Get Up To Speed With Lightroom 5

Just in time for Adobe’s launch of the final version of Lightroom 5, Craft & Vision have released a brand new eBook to help you get the most out of the latest upgrade to Adobe’s digital darkroom software. In the aptly titled, Lightroom 5 Up to Speed, Adobe Certified Expert (and author of some of our […]

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Capture One Express 7

Capture One Express 7 [Review]

I’ve been a Lightroom user off and on since version one came out in 2007, though I’m far from what you would call a Power User (I’ve been getting better at establishing a workflow, with the help of Gavin Gough’s fantastic eBook, The Photographer’s Workflow). The Lightroom interface and toolset clicked with me straight away, […]

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