Mattebox 2 - Featured

One For The Money: Mattebox 2 [Review]

There are literally hundreds of camera apps available for the iPhone. While some are very good, most of them are just okay, offering little more than variations on one another. While I’ve not tried hundreds, I actually own about a dozen different apps, and again, most of them are just okay. Beyond the default iOS […]

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645 PRO Mk II - VSCO Cam

Two Great Updates: Two Great Camera Apps

Two of my favorite iPhone camera apps were updated recently: 645 PRO Mk II proudly proclaims “It feels like a pro camera. Because it is one.” and VSCO Cam is the first camera app from the team that brought you some of the best Lightroom film presets you can get. Each of these apps is unique in […]

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Nettie Edwards

Making Art With An iPhone: Nettie Edwards

If you still think that the iPhone can’t be used to create “real” photographs, in addition to living under a rock, you obviously haven’t seen the work of UK-based artist Nettie Edwards. Nettie is an award-winning fine art photographer (though she calls herself an artist who uses photography), and one of a growing number of […]

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Viorel Popescu

Five For Friday #40

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”  – Danny Kaye Using simply an iPhone 3GS, Viorel Popescu shoots scenes of London and processes them while on the job – driving a crane. “I came to London for a fling and ended up marrying this great city,” […]

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More Than Just A Pretty Interface: Blux Camera

One of the reviews of Blux Camera called it “The app Rick Deckard would use.” While the unorthodox UI may be reminiscent of Deckard’s iconic Voight-Kampff machine, or perhaps even bear a passing resemblance to the precog interface used in Minority Report, Blux Camera has a number of useful features beyond the UI that might just […]

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Dear Apple: I’m Not Going Anywhere

A couple weeks ago, Ed Conway, Economics Editor for Sky News wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook outlining why he was done with Apple products. While I understand and even agree with a few of the points he makes, I’d like to share an experience that speaks to just one reason why, as […]

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Is The iPhone The Right Tool For Photojournalism?

“I’m a very reactionary image-maker. When my head and heart scream shoot, I shoot. Photography, for me, is about honoring the impulse to make an image, no matter what.” – Richard Koci Hernandez Chase Jarvis said that the best camera is the one that’s with you (to be fair, Joe McNally said it too). With […]

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