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Perfectly Imperfect: Rod Penner

On first glance, you might mistake the work of Rod Penner for Stephen Shore or Gregory Crewdson, were it not for one remarkable distinction – Penner’s images are paintings, not photographs. Penner’s hyperrealistic paintings capture the mundane and the melancholy that is often left in wake of American industrial and factory towns when the jobs and prosperity have gone. […]

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Tone: A Mesmerizing Short About Paint

I already think that painting looks pretty cool at arm’s distance, but I had no idea how much cooler it could look up close – and I mean up really close. In Tone, filmmaker Trent Jaklitsch gives viewers a macro look at the creative process of painter Alyssa Monks. With a terrific downtempo soundtrack by Other People, the film is […]

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Incredibly Intricate Paper “Stained Glass Windows” By Eric Standley

“The reverence for these structures seemed to have to do with the infinite.” – Eric Standley Inspired by Islamic and Gothic architecture and ornamentation, Virginia-based artist Eric Standley uses a laser to cut wonderfully intricate and complex patterns into paper, which he then stacks into stunning volumetric assemblages that resemble stained glass windows. Each piece […]

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A Meticulous Album: Vic Muniz

We have featured the fantastic work of artist Vic Muniz before (here and here) and whether he is creating portraits from drizzles of chocolate syrup,  meticulously placed scraps of magazines or mountainous piles of refuse, he is constantly challenging the viewer to redefine his or her notions about the nature of art and photography. For his […]

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Figuratively Speaking: Jeremy Mann

There seems to be a growing trend towards hyperrealism in art, and while I have great respect for the technical ability required to do it well (such as here, here and here), I find often that it’s somewhat akin to watching special effects sequences in film – in that I find myself pulled from the narrative thinking more about […]

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Textus: Seung Hoon Park

Berenice Abbott once said “Photography can never grow up if it imitates some other medium. It has to walk alone; it has to be itself.” Despite the fact that digital is where mainstream photography is going, I find it both comforting and inspiring that so many photographers are still shooting film. In fact, while a […]

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