Five For Friday 130

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human.” – e. e. cummings   The After Life of Things San Francisco-based photographer David Wolf has created a fascinating body of work documenting items that have outlived their usefulness and have been cast aside—detritus left behind in the […]

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Film Styles For Capture One [Review]

With the announcement that Apple is killing off Aperture, it looks like Adobe Lightroom is poised to be the de facto app for processing RAW files. After all, it plays (somewhat) nicely with Photoshop, has a bunch of great non-destructive tools and terrific presets like VSCO and Replichrome let you style your photos with a single […]

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Lisa Kristine

Five For Friday #120

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt After watching Lisa Kristine’s TedX talk the other day I had to go look at her series of photographs called Modern Day Slavery. They are riveting and heartbreaking. Kristine has used her camera to draw attention to the mind-numbing fact that there […]

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Light And Chemistry: Jon Wilkening

Several weeks ago on an episode of On Taking Pictures, Bill and I were having one of our not-so-infrequent discussions about film, after which a listener named Jon Wilkening posted the results of some of his experiments in developing his own color film to the OTP G+ Community. I loved the quality of the images straight […]

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Made To Be Seen: Joel Schat

From the time I was about seven until I graduated from high school, I spent the bulk of nearly every summer in Arizona. We started out camping at Buckskin State Park along the Colorado River. My dad and stepmother would sleep in the bed of his Ford F100 and I would sleep across the bench […]

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Mr. Gold: Brian Carlson

Back in 2012, we featured the work of photographer Brian Carlson, who had just finished creating a moving documentary project of environmental portraits made in the Parramore/Holden area of central Florida. Brian won a grant from the United Arts of Central Florida to help finance the project, which included providing his subjects with an 8X12 print and a CD containing their […]

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Closing the Gap On The Uncanny Valley

In 1983, the cutting edge in personal computers was the Apple IIe. My best friend Mark and I logged countless hours playing games like Conan, Elite and Castle Wolfenstein. The graphics were positively primitive by today’s standards — just 80 columns on a 12-inch green screen — but back then they were absolutely immersive. We […]

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