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Trading Pixels: Shantanu Starick

While many photographers are struggling with how to make a living from their craft, Shantanu Starick is just living. Since 2012, the Australian photographer has been bartering his services for food, shelter and transportation to his next destination in a project called Pixel Trade. When he began the project twenty-seven months ago, he set a […]

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Lost Era, Lost Art: Hand-Embroidered Vintage Photographs

I don’t know what to say about these fabulous pieces by Hinke Schreuders, other than I can’t stop looking at them, one after another, thinking ‘this is just too cool.’ I majored in Technical Theatre in college and, believe it or not, I’ve done more than my fair share of stitching and sewing, so I have at least […]

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Avedon On The iPad

They say you never forget your first love – and while I think that’s true for people, I think it’s also true for art, music and photography. I was introduced to the work of Richard Avedon in my high school photography class along with photographers like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Irving Penn. But it […]

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Chico Bialas

You may have heard the adage that it’s hard to take a bad photo of a pretty girl. Not only do I not agree with it, I also find it dismissive of the connection that exists between subject and photographer that is absolutely essential for a truly compelling photograph. While there are a ton of […]

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Youngho Kang

Five For Friday #104

“Every one who has taken a shower has had an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it that makes a difference.” – Nolan Bushnell Recently, self-portraits (selfies) have become the most popular genre of photography on Instagram. People use them for validation, for connecting with the […]

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New York Bike Style [Review]

I was in Portland last week and one of the things that I couldn’t help but notice was that cities and bicycles go together like peas and carrots – well some cities anyway. I live in the suburbs outside of Los Angeles and here, people use bicycles for exercise or recreation, not transportation. Actually, even […]

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Girls in the Windows: And Other Stories [Review]

On last week’s episode of On Taking Pictures, Bill suggested Ormond Gigli as our Photographer of the Week, whom I had never heard of – which is not surprising and is actually one of things I love about doing the show – but, when I saw Gigli’s work, I had one of those “how have […]

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Going Deep: Zhang Jingna

A few days ago, the Profoto Blog posted a brief interview with wonderful fashion and beauty photographer Zhang Jingna, specifically highlighting her use of their Deep XL White line of umbrellas. While the deep parabolic shape of the umbrellas offer some interesting lighting possibilities (watch this excellent Karl Taylor video on parabolic lighting modifiers), what I found even […]

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A Fiend Inside: Lee Miller

A New York fashion model, a partner and muse to Man Ray, a fashion photographer, one of the first (and one of very few) photojournalists during the second world war, and a gourmet cook. To call Lee Miller a free spirit is an understatement. Her life was a composite of one adventure after another. “Being […]

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