Annelie Vandendael - featured

A Girl, A Swimsuit And A Goldfish: Annelie Vandendael

On Sunday, October 27th, the winners will be announced for the International Photography Awards. While looking through the work of some of the fantastic photographers who submitted this year (several of whom we are hoping to feature here on Faded + Blurred), one photographer in the Fine Art category really caught my eye. I don’t […]

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Meals Interrupted - Al Dente

Meals Interrupted: Davide Luciano & Claudia Ficca

We have been getting some absolutely fantastic submissions lately, and this project from husband and wife duo Davide Luciano & Claudia Ficca is just too fun not to share. Called Meals Interrupted, the project features a collection of dining tables that have been all but destroyed by a series of unfortunate events, including a fire, a food […]

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Apart From Shadow: A Conversation With Tom Hoops

A unique photographic style is one of the benchmarks of a great photographer. In 2007, Tom Hoops, was working as a web designer in Thailand, unfamiliar with names like Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, or Paolo Roversi. But, after borrowing a friend’s camera one afternoon, a new creative passion emerged and, for the past six years, […]

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Fernando Decillis

Mickey Mouse And The Promised Land: Fernando Decillis

Portraiture has become my favorite type of photography. Partially, because I am fascinated by faces (and the stories that often accompany them) and partially because it’s a never ending supply of wonderful subject matter. There are only so many ways you can photograph Half Dome, or the Grand Canyon, but faces are infinitely interesting. I […]

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Carlo Ricci

I’m All In: Carlo Ricci

Big landscapes, cinematic portraits, classic fashion and beauty. These are all ways you could describe the work of photographer Carlo Ricci. Entirely self-taught, the former engineering student slash basketball coach discovered his love for photography in his mid-twenties after picking up his one of his dad’s film cameras. “I just fell in love with photography,” […]

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A World Sublime: Tim Walker

Magical. Captivating. Eccentric. These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe the imaginative work of Tim Walker. Like Gregroy Crewdson, Walker’s photographs are not just made, they are meticulously crafted. From the kernel of an idea in his mind to the building of the sets, he is there every […]

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Q&A@F&B No. 13: John Keatley

As you may know from our recent Spotlight, John Keatley is one of our favorite portrait photographers. He has photographed such high profile clients as Jeff Bezos, Tim Gunn and Annie Leibovitz. Yet it is often his personal work, such as “Brown Town” (above) or his family Christmas cards that garner the most attention. Keatley’s […]

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