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Photograph - Issue 5 Cover

Photograph: Issue 5

Why do we like PHOTOGRAPH magazine? Quite a few reasons, actually. One of the big ones is that it’s ad-free. Delivered quarterly, PHOTOGRAPH is content from beginning to end. Another is that both the publisher (David duChemin) and the contributors are people who really care about photography – the art, the craft, even the business. […]

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The Visual Toolbox

The Visual Toolbox: David duChemin

One of the more difficult things about learning photography, particularly as a beginner, is simply learning what to learn. What are the things you need to know to make a noticeable difference in the quality of your photographs? There’s no shortage of resources, both online and off. On the video-based training end, our absolute favorite, […]

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Portraits of Earth: David duChemin

When you think of David duChemin, you may be tempted to label him as a portrait photographer, rather than a landscape photographer. And you would be absolutely right. However, for us, David’s strength has always been his ability to capture the soul or essence of whatever he happens to be photographing, whether it be the […]

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David duChemin

Q&A@F&B No. 14: David duChemin

If you are a photographer, or you have spent any time here on Faded & Blurred, the name David duChemin will likely be very familiar to you. As a photographer, he’s allowed us to share in his journeys to exotic locales, including India, Nepal, Vietnam, Tunisia and Mongolia, among others. As a writer, his books Within The […]

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Q&A@F&B No. 8: Corwin Hiebert

In Episode 8 of Q&A@F&B, we sit down with a man of many talents, Corwin Hiebert.  Corwin is a personal as well as a project manager, with names such as Dave Delnea and David duChemin on both his friends list as well as his client list. In addition, Corwin, along with David duChemin, is one […]

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Q&A@F&B No. 3: David duChemin

“I no longer take a photograph. I wait for it, seek it, create it.”-David duChemin You won’t want to miss episode number three of Q&A@F+B. We’re sitting down with photographer and best selling author, David duChemin. David has been someone we’ve admired for some time, not just for his creativity, but for the integrity and […]

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