Five For Friday 131

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyers   Alexandre Farto I am absolutely fascinated by the work of Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto who, in addition to using found objects and materials, carves his large-scale dramatic portraits directly into the surfaces of walls and buildings. I love that his work can only […]

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“A brush is technology. A brush. The first technology is brushes, pencils, pens. Things like that are technology of course.” – David Hockney The global multidisciplinary cultural organization, Liberatum, is exploring the boundaries between creativity and the tools makers use to express it in a fascinating new short called Artistry/Technology. In addition to David Hockney (who […]

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Gorgeous Woven Portraits By David Samuel Stern

While completing a residency in Vermont in 2011, photographer David Samuel Stern began experimenting with literally weaving two different photographs of the same location taken at different times of day into one analog composite. Unhappy with the results using landscapes, Stern moved on to using portraits. In an interview with Fast Co., Stern explains “with the human face, […]

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Sublimely Mundane: Uta Barth

At first glance, the photographs of Uta Barth may not make much of an impact on you – then again, you may find them to be utterly compelling abstractions of color, form and texture. Since first discovering her work a couple years ago, I have found myself to be in the latter category. I am […]

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Saving Grace: Dennis Hopper

While there’s no shortage of celebrities who also fancy themselves photographers (amateur or otherwise), few have engaged the craft with as much passion and with such a creative eye as the late actor Dennis Hopper. In an interview with GQ back in 2006, Hopper credited his then-wife Brooke Hayward with starting what became a lifelong obsession with […]

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