Stunning Time Lapse Of The Chilean Night Sky

Atacama Night Sky

Earlier today, Karl Taylor posted this incredible time lapse video on my Facebook Timeline with the caption: “This is just too awesome to describe…” He was absolutely right. It is something that needs to be seen, preferably full-screen and in HD, to really be appreciated. The time lapse film was made by photographers Christoph Malin and Babak Tafreshi from more than 7,500 still images of the night sky over the Atacama desert in Chile, during October and November of last year. Widely regarded as the driest place on Earth (meaning the air is thin and clear), the Atacama Desert is one of the most perfect spots on the planet for ground-based telescopes, such as the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Last summer, Nikki and I got to spend time with Karl Taylor in Joshua Tree National Monument, while he was making some of the time lapse videos for his new DVD, HD-DSLR Movie Making. It really is a fantastic process, especially when Karl added in the time lapse rig to get those amazing slow pans over the course of the shots.


[via National Geographic]