Stunning Black & White Portraits By Betina La Plante

When I saw Betina La Plante’s¬†fantastic photograph of Terence Stamp, I thought two things. One, what a fantastic photograph of one of my favorite actors (rent The Limey), but also, what a brilliant idea for a photo essay; simple, classic photographs showing actors then and now. I began to think of a list of actors who would be amazing subjects for just such a project. Jack Nicholson, Robert deNiro, Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood were just a few on my list. Unfortunately, at least for the moment, this is the only “then and now” shot that Betina has made. That being said, the slight disappointment of not seeing more of them was very short-lived once I began clicking through her portfolio, which features several pages of gorgeous, honest portraits. These are the kinds of photographs that inspire me to want to shoot more.

Betina La PlanteBetina La PlanteBetina La PlanteBetina La Plante
[via 500px]

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