Tim Walker

Story Teller: Tim Walker

I am often jealous of people who live in big cities such as New York or London. I realize we are close to Los Angeles, but I don’t think we get the same type of cultural events that happen in Gotham or The West End. The Broadway shows, the art exhibits, even some of the smaller movies tend to skip Southern California. We just found out that London wins out again with a brand new exhibit by one of our favorite photographers, Tim Walker. Somerset House in London is showcasing Walker’s work with not only his photographs, but also a collection of his extraordinary props and set pieces. Things such as an almost life-size replica of a Spitfire fighter plane, a incredible insect orchestra and a creepy giant doll all serve to bring this installation to life. Walker is known for his dazzlingly extravagant fashion photography. His images are meticulously detailed and filled with life and color. He is more director than photographer, with each photograph becoming a stage where he brings his narratives to life. If you haven’t seen his work before, you should definitely take a look at our Spotlight; you’ll be wanting to go to London with us before this exhibit ends in January.                     

Tim Walker Tim Walker Tim Walker Tim Walker Tim Walker Tim Walker Tim Walker Tim Walker
[via My Modern Met, photos via Somerset House]

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