Annie Leibovitz

Leibovitz. Leibovitz. Leibovitz.

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  • deb

    This is awesome Nikki :) I fell in love with her, the minute I saw her work with Mikhail Baryshnikov. He was in his prime, when I was a teen and dancing everyday, myself. I remember how powerful the portraits were. I have all her books and think she sets the standard for caring about each and every client, shoot and image. She is the epitome of a God given artist. Even my husband will look at an image and say, “that looks like an Annie Leibovitz.” It’s photographers, like her, that keep me humble to hiding.

    • F&B

      Thanks Deb! I know what you mean about her being an artist. It all just seems to come together, even in her “snapshots”!

    • chrisburt

      I saw the comment from Deb and her comment about the Mikhail Baryshnikov images…I remember all that work too! Amazing stuff! She didn’t just know when to click the photo, but how to make it more dramatic!

  • Patrick Shipstad

    Awesome article Nikki.. thanks.. I’m a huge fan of hers and this was a great read! :-)

  • Anthony Tucker

    great piece, makes me want to find out more

  • Trude

    What girl photog doesn’t love her? :) I first fell in love with her work with my Vanity Fair subscription, then discovered her Rolling Stone body of work and was blown away even more.