Slow: Andrew S Gibson

“Part of the appeal of long-exposure photography for me is the slow and deliberate nature of the image-creation process.”
– Andrew Gibson

Sure, you’ve got your whizz-bang umpteen megapixel DSLR that’s capable of capturing 10 crystal clear frames per second at a staggering shutter speed of 1/8000. But, what happens if you slow it down, way down, like one frame per second, or one per minute? Instead of freezing motion, what about learning how to accentuate it, or, make it disappear altogether? That’s exactly what photographer, writer and friend of F+B, Andrew S Gibson wants to teach you in his latest Craft & Vision eBook, simply titled, SLOW. As the title suggests, SLOW is all about the magic of Long Exposure Photography. Andrew takes you through the creative possibilities of using slow shutter speeds, from blurring motion with a shutter speed of 1/30 second all the way to long exposure techniques using shutter speeds of five minutes or longer. In addition to exploring techniques like using slow-sync flash in low light, creative panning techniques, and using shutter speeds longer than 30 seconds to create amazing landscapes, Andrew includes case studies from Doug Chinnery and Joel Tjintjelaar, two phographers who have mastered the art of intentional camera movement and long exposure techniques.

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If learning about gear is more your cup of tea, especially if you are a Canon shooter, check out Andrew’s other eBooks Understanding Lenses IUnderstanding Lenses: Part II, and Understanding Exposure.

SLOW - Andrew S GibsonSLOW - Andrew S Gibson

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