Silence Is Golden

The Artist

Michel Hazanavicius’ new film, The Artist, is somewhat of an anomaly in the current cinematic climate. There are no huge explosions, no sweeping vistas of exotic lands. Nor are there any CG supporting characters to round out the cast. Yet, despite all that, the film manages to whisk audiences away to another world. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a silent film? That’s right, silent, black & white and filled with the charm of films like Amelie or Cinema Paradiso. This is a movie for people who love movies. French favorite, Jean Dujardin (who is brilliant in OSS 117. Rent it.) is perfect as the dashing leading man who refuses to let go of the silent movie fame that made him a matinee idol, despite the looming technological innovation: “talkies”. Thematically, the film is being compared to Singin’ in the Rain and A Star is Born. It’s a classic love story that has action, laughs and maybe even a few tears. But, perhaps more than that, it shows that films don’t need to be $250 million epics to capture the imaginations of audiences.