Shoot Everything: Adam Voorhes

Some photographers just shoot sports, others make portraits, and still others focus on weddings. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with specializing in one or two areas of photography, Austin based photographer Adam Voorhes went the other direction. Adam shoots everything. Looking through his awesome portfolio, you’ll find portraits of animals, editorial shots of everything from beer to popsicles (his whole Food & Drink section is pretty amazing), exploded views of guns, frogs and football helmets, some very clever typography with seeds and even a gorgeous shot of a human brain encased in lucite…Braaaiinnnsss! It’s instantly obvious that Adam’s got superb technical skills; his lighting and composition are spot on, but he’s also immensely creative in how he uses those skills. His work often appears deceptively simple…and that’s the real trick for any artist, isn’t it?

Adam Voorhes - Robot

Adam Voorhes - Cone

Adam Voorhes - Frog

Adam Voorhes - Lamb

Adam Voorhes - Fries

Adam Voorhes - Brain