Alberto Sevesso

Shimmering Clouds Of Ink: Alberto Sevesso

I’ve been a fan of Alberto Sevesso for a few years now. In fact, I’ve even used some of his fantastic illustrations, such as these images of Kelly Slater, as compositing examples in my Photoshop classes. His work is wildly creative and is always evolving, both in look and feel as well as the techniques he explores to create it, yet is always recognizable. Recently, he has started photographing colored and metallic inks as part of a project called Il Mattino ha l’oro in bocca. While the ink photographs are stunning by themselves, integrating the billowing clouds of color and shimmer into his figure work adds a whole new dimension to his already impressive style. If you’re still not impressed, consider the fact that Sevesso created the featured image above using Photoshop Touch on the iPad. Amazing.

alberto-sevesso-01 alberto-sevesso-02 alberto-sevesso-03 alberto-sevesso-05 alberto-sevesso-06 alberto-sevesso-07 alberto-sevesso-08 alberto-sevesso-09 alberto-sevesso-10 alberto-sevesso-11
[via Flavorwire]

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