Senior Dogs Across America: Nancy LeVine

One thing I have noticed about photographers is their love for dogs. I’m not sure if it’s the loneliness that seems to come with the profession or what, but most photographers seem to have a soft spot in their hearts for man’s best friend. Photographer Nancy LeVine shares that love and, getting inspiration from Robert Frank’s The Americans, she has spent the last eight years traveling across the country shooting portraits of these vulnerable animals as they enter their senior years. Wanting to examine the relationship between people and their dogs and the special place they hold in their owners’ lives, particularly as they get older, she shows the tremendous dignity and grace these animals have while aging. “The dog lives in the present,” LeVine says. “We don’t. Our body is fragile. We’re thinking about the past and what we could have done differently; we’re thinking about the future and what is going to happen to us.” Dogs live their lives one day at a time, trusting that their “people” will take care of them. There are no worries, unless it’s when we happen to leave for an hour to go the store, but they don’t stress about what their lives will be like next month or next year. You can see that in these these portraits. They are portrayed as almost regal; they seem to have a sense of belonging and peace that only comes with age and experience.  


Helen Levine - Abby, 9yo and Natasha Lee, 12 1/2yo

Helen Levine - Champ, 9yo and Gussy Sue, 15yo

Helen Levine - Suzy, 10yo and Jake, 6yo

Helen Levine - Carly, 16yo and Toby, 17yo

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