Rabari: Encounters With The Nomadic Tribe

Mitchell Kanashkevich calls himself a “tirelessly curious world wanderer and a travel/documentary photographer”. His photographs, taken from exotic locales such as Indonesia, India and Ethiopia, are featured in the Getty Images Collection, as well as on magazine covers and in private collections all over the world. The thing is, Mitchell is not only an award-winning travel photographer, he’s also an author. In addition to writing Journey Through Java, one of our favorite Craft & Vision titles, his Understanding Post Processing is a fantastic resource for Lightroom users. Mitchell’s newest ebook is called Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic TribeIn it, he takes the reader to India to go behind the scenes of ten stunning photographs over nearly 60 pages, explaining not only the post processing, but also the gear he used (which may surprise you), the lighting setup (many with diagrams), and the how and why of capturing “moment and pose”. He also tells the stories behind the photographs and provides Quick Tips that you can apply to your own photography; tips that will help you make better, more dramatic images.

One of the things that really resonated with me about Rabari is the gear (or lack thereof) that Mitchell used on his travels. Lots of photographers talk about how gear isn’t the most important thing, yet they are often using top of the line equipment. I shoot with a Nikon D300, so to see Mitchell make gorgeous images like these, using a Canon 400D (XTi), consumer-grade lenses and a 5-in-1 reflector is absolutely inspiring and really does reinforce that vision and purpose make the photograph.


Rabari: Mitchell Kanashkevich

Rabari: Mitchell Kanashkevich


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