Jaime Ibarra

Q&A@F&B No. 11: Jaime Ibarra

After taking a bit of a break from the podcast to redesign F&B, we’re back with a brand new episode of Q&A@F&B. This is episode number 11, for those of you keeping track, and this time we’re sitting down with charismatic Austin-based  (by way of Spain and Australia) portrait photographer, Jaime Ibarra. Jaime has developed a near cult following on sites like Deviant Art and Model Mayhem, which we wrote about in a previous post. Now we’re sitting down with Jaime to talk models, post-processing, the importance of collaboration and why you never, ever shoot in cemeteries. Well…almost never.

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Jaime IbarraJaime IbarraJaime IbarraJaime IbarraJaime Ibarra

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