Q&A@F&B No. 8: Corwin Hiebert

In Episode 8 of Q&A@F&B, we sit down with a man of many talents, Corwin Hiebert.  Corwin is a personal as well as a project manager, with names such as Dave Delnea and David duChemin on both his friends list as well as his client list. In addition, Corwin, along with David duChemin, is one of the founders of Craft & Vision, a publisher of eBooks for photographers and creative professionals looking to improve their craft. He is also the author of the Craft & Vision eBook, Growing the Visionmonger, an eBook tailored to help both amateur and pro photographers to grow their business, written from a project manager’s point of view. Earlier this year, Corwin also helped create CREATIVEMIX, a one day seminar for emerging and professional creatives in Vancouver that teaches creatives to foster an atmosphere of idea making and collaboration.

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Growing the Vision Monger



“Growing the Vision Monger is a great read for the Hobbyiest to the working pro. The insightful tips on running a photography business will surely help in one way or another. Even if it’s just one tip that you get from this ebook, it’s more than worth the price. I enjoyed the marketing and the financial tips, a long with the recommended software. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy.”

“Everyone needs a Corwin Hiebert of their own! Your work has value regardless if you intend to make money and many of the 10 points of this book also apply to the non-working professional.”

“…addressing both the hobbyist and the working pro with distictly practical advice is possibly one of the greatest features of this book. I have read this book multiple times now, I keep a printed copy in my bag to mull over when I find myself in an idle moment. Great, great stuff.”

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