Process Driven 01: Dalton Campbell

After his business imploded, Dalton Campbell decided he needed a change. He sold everything he owned, packed a single backpack of clothes and essentials, grabbed his camera and left for Europe without any sort of agenda, other than to take photographs until the money ran out. His three-month trip took him to Portugal, Spain, Belgium and the French Riviera and when he returned, the resulting photo series, called Travelers, helped to launch a new career as a portrait photographer. In this conversation we talk about letting go of fear, not getting dragged down by failure and the importance of being present in the moment.

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Show Notes

Dalton Campbell – Travelers
Eric Morales
George Krause
Alejandro Jodorowsky

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About the Podcast
Process Driven is a podcast about creativity and what it means to those who do more than make art. Host Jeffery Saddoris engages in frank, in-depth conversations with makers and creators from a wide range of disciplines, including photography, art, film and literature to talk not only about the what and the how, but also the why.

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