SOS - Anastaya Vorobko, 8 years old

Photography Through The Eyes Of Children

It isn’t always the years of experience or the hours upon hours we spend learning the rules of composition and exposure that prepares us to take great images. Yes, that does help, and with education and practice, average photographers can become good, and good photographers can become great. Sometimes, however, it is the complete lack of experience that leads to true art being made; when there is no voice in your head telling you not to do it a certain way because it’s against “the rules”. Children often have that freshness, that ability to be candid and direct. They are able to disconnect from the voices saying “No, not that way”, and just jump in; to not think, but, instead, just act. Children’s Eyes on Earth, along with National Geographic Kids UK, asked children from around the world to submit photographs that “help promote an understanding of some of the challenges facing our planet.” Over 4000 images were submitted from 90 countries and these are just a few of the winners. First place was won by an eight year-old girl from Russia for her image, “SOS”, who said, “I wanted to show everyone how bad the air is in our city. I see the bird in this picture as carrying a message around the world, with the hope that adults everywhere will start to care about the air that we breathe. If we don’t look after our planet, then who will?”

Emergency Exit - Juan Carlos Canales, 14 years old Fields of Green - Bianca Stan, 14 years old In the Dumps - Mary Ann Tablante, 16 years old In the Wind - Sophie Vela, 14 years old France Balade le long du courant d’Huchet - Agathe Giacometti, 13 years old Peaceful Co-existence - Darpan Basak, 9 years old
[via Visual News]

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