Photographing The Olympics With An iPhone

Both Nikki and I have written posts about how much we love taking photographs with our iPhones. We’ve even posted some of our favorite iPhone camera apps here and here. We’ve also shared how the iPhone is being used by professionals like photojournalist Richard Koci Hernandez. Okay, so maybe the iPhone can be used for something like street photography or maybe certain types of photojournalism, but what about sports? Is the iPhone capable enough to be used as a professional camera to, say, shoot the 2012 London Olympics? Photographer Dan Chung thinks so, and he’s got the photoblog to prove it. For the past four years, Dan has been a staff photographer for The Guardian and is currently on assignment in London covering the Olympic games…with his iPhone.  Using a clip-on Schneider lens and a pair of Canon binoculars, Chung has captured some amazing shots. Take a look at his photographs below and be sure to click through for more on his photoblog.


dan-chung-olympics-iphone-01 dan-chung-olympics-iphone-02 dan-chung-olympics-iphone-03 dan-chung-olympics-iphone-04 dan-chung-olympics-iphone-05
[via The Guardian]