Perfectly Imperfect: Rod Penner

On first glance, you might mistake the work of Rod Penner for Stephen Shore or Gregory Crewdson, were it not for one remarkable distinction – Penner’s images are paintings, not photographs. Penner’s hyperrealistic paintings capture the mundane and the melancholy that is often left in wake of American industrial and factory towns when the jobs and prosperity have gone. The detail in his work is astonishing, but it’s the subtle imperfections that Penner renders that makes them more visceral than perfect – much in the same way that the CG in a David Fincher film feels compared to a made-for-tv movie on the SyFy Channel. The medium is rendered inert and instead we see only the realness of these archetypal places as they are – or rather as we imagine them to be.

© Rod Penner© Rod Penner© Rod Penner© Rod Penner

To see more of Rod Penner’s work, visit his website. You can also see his work at the Ameringer McEnery Yohe gallery in NYC. All images © Rod Penner. [via Abduzeedo]

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