Patterns In The Sprawl: Christoph Gielen

In last week’s Five For Friday, Nikki posted a few incredible landscape photographs taken by photographer Andre Ermolaev in Iceland. They are gorgeous examples of the abstract lines and patterns not visible on the ground. German photographer Christoph Gielen makes similar images, except that the patterns he photographs are those found in the densely populated areas of urban expansion; The Sprawl. There’s a kaleidoscopic quality to many of his pieces, particularly those showing subdivisions and residential developments. Other photographs portray freeway interchanges as enormous arteries of concrete and steel. I’d love to see a gallery exhibit featuring the work of both Andre Ermolaev and Christoph Gielen, allowing viewers to see, side by side, the patterns of the austere Icelandic landscape against those of relentless urbanization. 


Christoph Gielen - Sprawl Christoph Gielen - Sprawl Christoph Gielen - Sprawl Christoph Gielen - Sprawl
[via co.EXIST] [candv]