• Shadows on Film

    Fred Herzog

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  • The Color of Genius

    Saul Leiter

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  • Perfectly Banal

    William Eggleston

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  • From the Edges

    Mary Ellen Mark

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Words on the Street: Stanley

Stanley is a drummer—actually, percussionist is probably more accurate, especially if calling someone (or oneself) a drummer is predicated on playing actual drums. On any other day, Stanley may well be a drummer—but today, his “drums” consisted of a set of five gallon plastic paint buckets, cleverly arranged to resemble a drum kit with the […]

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The Things We Do For Love—Why Self-Investing Isn’t Self-Indulgence

“It’s about investing the time to explore and refine your art and finding your creative voice.” – Patrick Shipstad When a child shows an interest in something like sports, the arts, activities, etc., a parent (usually) wants to nurture those interests to see if they develop into something their child will excel in, or at least […]

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An Unlikely Recovery

“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong On a recent episode of On Taking Pictures, Bill and I were discussing the story of Carol Armstrong, wife of famed astronaut Neil Armstrong who, according to several news sources, found a mysterious white canvas bag while cleaning out a […]

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