Out For Blood: RadLab Recipe Pack No. 6

Last Halloween, Nikki’s daughter wanted to dress up as a zombie, so I volunteered to do her make up. We didn’t have much time and just used a cheapie make up kit from Target, but it turned out pretty well and the fact that B. was able to scare the Hell out of a few kids has become sort of a badge of honor for her. So, when we put together the last RadLab Recipe Pack, Nikki was deep into Game of Thrones and named all of the recipes after characters in the show, which a lot of you loved. Somewhere after posting it, we (actually, I think Nikki came up with the idea) thought it might be cool to do the next Recipe Pack after The Walking Dead, another one of our favorite shows. I asked B. if we could make her up as a zombie again. Problem was, the little cheapie make up kit had all but dried up. “Oh well,” I said, “we can just do it in post.” So, we scouted a few locations and found some dumpsters and these cool industrial looking electrical boxes behind a Rite Aid near our house. I wanted the shot to be from my POV, so I got on the ground (with Nikki sort of propping me up) and had B. lumber towards me. The plate was shot on my iPhone 4S, using an app called 645 PRO. I imported the TIFF into Photoshop and began to composite the various elements together into a base image to then bring into RadLab to build the recipes.

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RadLab - Recipe Pack v6 Preview

1. Launch RadLab from Photoshop or Lightroom
2. Click the Recipes Tab
3. Click the Import Button
4. Select the Recipe(s) you would like to import and click Open