Secret Souls: Olga Valeska

At 21 years old and with only a year of real experience with a camera (one year!), Olga Valeska is creating a stunning portfolio of photographs. Using a self-timer, with herself as her primary model, she says she uses her loneliness to create. Her photographs are surreal and wondrous, giving us a look into a fantasy world similar to Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland. Valeska is a student majoring in literature, but she has always been interested in different forms of art. It wasn’t until recently, however, that she realized that photography, for her, was a culmination of all of her other interests and passions. It allowed her to combine the things she loves, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, and making costumes.  Working alone gives her the freedom to explore her imagination and create the things she sees in her head. She is basically a one woman studio; she does all of her makeup, designs and makes the costumes, as well as the scenery; letting the world she sees in her head completely surround her so she can become a part of it. She says, “What I reveal in my photography is also my vision of this world I’m trying to explore and understand. Since a long time, I am dissatisfied with reality, I wish more than anything to give meaning to existence: this is my way of doing this. I take pictures to show to this world that I love it and that I hate it all at once.”

Olga ValeskaOlga ValeskaOlga ValeskaOlga ValeskaOlga Valeska
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