Night Stroll - Tao Tajima

Night Stroll: Tao Tajima

Japanese artist Tao Tajima has created an incredible mashup of video footage and CGI on the streets of Tokyo, called Night Stroll. We actually couldn’t find much in the way of behind the scenes information about the short, other than a brief comment by Tajima himself, saying that he shot the video near his home, then used motion tracking and 3D software to create the motion graphics and particles. The entire clip was then rendered using Global Illumination to create the gorgeous soft-shadows, glows, reflections, etc. Despite the lack of context or any relevant technical information, the short is a beautiful, hypnotic trip through the Tokyo suburbs. Turn up your speakers, hit full-screen and just enjoy the ride.

Night Stroll - Tao Tajima
[via Colossal]

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