New Craft & Vision Ebook – The Inspired Eye 3

The Inspired Eye 3 - David duChemin

To say that he has been a little preoccupied for the past few months (not to mention the last few years) would be a bit of an understatement. After a harrowing accident in Italy left him hospitalized and unable to walk, David duChemin found himself with an uncharacteristic surplus of down time on his hands. Fortunately, David may just be an even better writer than he is a photographer, which is saying something,  so, in addition to finishing his next book, Photographically Speaking, which will be available next month, David also produced another volume in his Inspired Eye series of ebooks.

For those of you keeping track, The Inspired Eye III is David’s 13th ebook and the third in a series that feels more like reading pages from David’s journals, than the more exercise based approach of books like Ten, Ten More or Drawing The Eye. Rather, the Inspired Eye series attempts to demystify the creative process. David writes “Our imagination, like a muscle, is capable of strengthening, stretching, growing. It is equally capable of atrophy and, as many of us have neglected or ignored our imaginations in favour of more grown-up or technical concerns, we’re in dire need of taking it much more seriously.” Shared through a variety of anecdotes, as well as David’s own wonderful, and often personal, insight, the ebook reinforces the importance of doing photography, as opposed to simply learning photography. One of my favorite anecdotes is a story about a ceramics class, which David uses to illustrate the importance of just doing the work. He adds, “If what you want is good photographs, you can’t get there without also creating many photographs.”


The Inspired Eye 3 - David duChemin The Inspired Eye 3 - David duChemin


The Inspired Eye III is another fantastic addition to the growing Craft & Vision collection and a must for creatives of all types who have ever stared at a blank page, empty canvas or raised a camera to their eye and thought “Okay inspiration…anytime you’re ready.”


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