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I often love learning the stories behind photographs just as much as I love looking at photographs themselves. It’s one of the reasons I do our podcast, Q&A@F&B. It’s also why I enjoy The Print & The Process Series of ebooks from Craft & Vision. Photographs, as well as the way we interpret them, often change when we are able to learn what went into making them. Such is the case with the newest title from one of my favorite Craft & Vision authors, Andrew S. Gibson. If you have not yet picked up Andrew’s three volume series, The Magic of Black & White, I cannot recommend it enough. In his new title, Andes: The Print & The Process Series, Andrew takes us on a personal photographic journey across Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Taken over a period of several visits (and several years), Andrew has assembled a wonderful collection of photographs, both film and digital and has recounted many of the stories behind them in the hope that “it inspires you to pick up your camera and go live out a dream or two.” In addition to the photographs and the stories behind them, Andrew shares his insights into what it means to be a travel photographer and how travel has helped to shape his own photographic journey. For those of you curious about the gear Andrew uses, he discusses film types and lenses, as well as his transition from film to digital and how that has affected his photography. Andes: The Print & The Process Series is another fantastic title from Craft & Vision and one that will undoubtedly educate as well as inspire both the amateur and the pro alike. 


Craft & Vision - Andes Craft & Vision - Andes


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